Harboe malt extract

Harboes Brewery is one of the largest Nordic producers of malt extracts and this product range now constitutes a significant part of the combined activities of Harboes Brewery. We offer a wide range of malt extracts aimed for the various beverage and food industries and have long-standing experience in the development and production of standard and speciality products alike.


Barlex®  - Harboes’ malt extract

Barlex® is the brand for Harboes’ malt extracts. Barlex® covers malt extract products to the different applications within the beverage and food industries e.g. bakery, cereal and confectionary. The malt extracts are based on the finest selected raw materials from malted barley, roasted malt, oat, rye and wheat.

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Certified malt extract products

Harboes’ malt extract production is ISO 22000 and BRC certified. Our malt extracts are certified Kosher, Halal and Organic.
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    Aimed for the bakeries - new powder with flour and oil. Try 7247 or 7288.